After Dinner Sweets In The Form Of Cat Tweets (18 Tweets)

One good thing that has come from this year, thus far, is the new cat tweets we’ve been seeing!  Keep em coming, folks.  Cats are pure magic and lift our spirits in these crazy times, why not share that magic with the world?  Here are 18 fresh cat tweets as your purrfect treat!  1. 2. […]

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Twitter Page Reveals Which Games Allow Users To Virtually Pet Animals

Here’s a page we have no idea existed, Can You Pet The Dog?, is a Twitter page all about whether or not you can pet various animals within different computer games.  And since it’s discovery, we have a sudden urge to acquire all these games….just to pet some graphic animal. If you’re wondering if you […]

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Image Of Hidden Pug Goes Viral (Tweets)

A major thank you to Twitter user @yesworryya for bringing this picture into our lives.  It’s exactly the thing we needed right now — to search an image for a hidden pug.  Don’t spoil the fun for others though — keep those comments free of any spoilers!  Here are some of our favorite reactions to […]

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Sandra The Orangutan Puts Us All To Shame With Her Diligent Hand-washing

Sandra puts us all to shame with her diligent hand-washing! Look at her washing her hands so thoroughly, checking her nails and all!  That’s surgeon prepping for surgery level, if you ask us…  Take notes, everyone. Wash your hands and be more like Sandra.  You might remember Sandra from a previous sad story. Sandra was […]

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Wellington The Penguin Meets Beluga Whales

If you guys aren’t following @shedd_aquarium on Twitter, you’re definitely missing out on some under the sea magic!  The staff are currently letting the penguins roam the empty aquarium and documenting their adventures! And on March 31st, Wellington the Penguin meet beluga whales — for the very first time! And the belugas are northern hemisphere […]

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