Twitter Users Describe Cute And Funny Pet Stories (21 Tweets)

When Twitter user @AbriltheDuchess shared a story about her dog coco living in an apartment that was not pet friendly, it created a lovely thread of other users sharing hilarious and adorable stories about their dogs as well. Turns out, dogs are pretty mischievous… who knew right?  Enjoy the stories of their shenanigans!  1. 2. […]

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"Murder Hornets" Spotted In US (Twitter Thread)

That’s a solid “nope” if we ever saw one.  2020 isn’t messing around is it? People around the world want to know who the heck is playing Jumanji and can they please finish it up — quickly! And honestly, we’re right there with them.  It has been reported that “Murder Hornets” have been spotted in […]

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Sanity Break With Emergency Dose Of Kittens

Just checking in to make sure you’re all doing all right! And if you need a break from the chaos of the world, we’re here to help.  Today, we bring you an ultra-awwdorable dose of some emergency kittens because..  1. It’s Monday 2. Things are still crazy 3. Monday and craziness? That’s a recipe for […]

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After Dinner Sweets In The Form Of Cat Tweets (18 Tweets)

One good thing that has come from this year, thus far, is the new cat tweets we’ve been seeing!  Keep em coming, folks.  Cats are pure magic and lift our spirits in these crazy times, why not share that magic with the world?  Here are 18 fresh cat tweets as your purrfect treat!  1. 2. […]

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Image Of Hidden Pug Goes Viral (Tweets)

A major thank you to Twitter user @yesworryya for bringing this picture into our lives.  It’s exactly the thing we needed right now — to search an image for a hidden pug.  Don’t spoil the fun for others though — keep those comments free of any spoilers!  Here are some of our favorite reactions to […]

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