Double-Take: Strikingly Pretty And Adorable Animals (20 Beauties)

Oh my! What a bunch of lovely ladies and fellas!  All animals are beautiful, this is a fact. However, some animals may have us doing a double-take and those animals are here with us below.  We can’t help but marvel at their beauty — join us, won’t you?  1. “Meet Austin” 2. “A rare Golden […]

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Digital Artist Transforms Animal Photos Into Cubes

Meet the talented digital imaging artist, based in Indonesia, Aditya Aryanto.  Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would look like in real life? Aryanto has achieved that. Aditya was fascinated by cubes, so much so that he felt the urge to transform animal images into cubes.  Turns out it looks pretty darn awesome and totally […]

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Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Tupelo The Borzoi

Once a week, we will be featuring an extraordinary animal account on Instagram! Their story, the adorable pictures, and pawesome videos! This week’s spotlight goes to Tupelo, the borzoi! Tupelo, or Tupey for short, is a “sweet borzoi Bebe with a snoot of epic proportions!” Honestly, we couldn’t say it any better ourselves. Tupey is […]

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Strange And Beautiful Looking Pigeons (31 Pics)

When you think of pigeons, the word “beautiful” isn’t really an adjective you’d use to describe them… “Strange” is much more understandable.  However, there are pigeons out there, that are completely out of the ordinary from our everyday pigeons that “coo” us awake at 6 am.  And dare we say… they’re actually quite stunning… Well, […]

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Brown Kitten Takes Internet By Storm

Think about it… have you ever seen a cat with an all brown coat? Neither have we!  Meet Bojay! The completely brown kitten (fur and eyes) that Redditors are now obsessed with and we’re in the exact same boat!  Bojay is currently 5 months old and is a British Shorthair, and according to his owner […]

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