Tantrum Throwing Doggos (Mostly Huskies) (Vids)

Oh, the drama! If these were Doggo Awards for the best dramatic scene — we would have quite the contenders!  We love our fur babies but we all know just how dramatic they can be. However, one breed sort of takes the cake when it comes to theatrics and whining… any guesses?  Yup. Huskies. We […]

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Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#89)

Uh oh, we noticed you’re running low of your cuteness prescription pills! No need to worry, you’ve come to the right place for your automatic refill! Get ready because this week is the cutest week yet (just like last week’s)! We’ve got the pics and vids to turn you into a pile of mush! Bringing […]

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Instagram Cats: Funniest, Cutest And All-Around Best Of The Week (Videos)

Today’s Funday is sponsored by — cats! Funny cats, cute cats, just all the cats! We’re fully aware that today is the last day of the weekend but let’s not get into that right now. Let us just have this very moment and live in the present — chilling watching cat videos.  We all could […]

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Ultimate Bird Party Complete With Snacks (40 Gifs)

What a treat! A massive, and hysterical, gathering of birbs being their birby selves! We have a strange love with birds. There are some birds that actually terrify us — we’re looking at you food-stealing seagulls. But mostly, birds can be quite lovely. Like, that one bird that looks like a happy cotton ball! Remember […]

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Cats Gifs Are A Gift From Above (33 Gifs)

We can’t get enough of cat gifs. When you’re looking at a cat picture — the only thing that would make that picture better is if it were a video, am I right?  Well, here are 33 perfect cat moments that were captured on video, and we are forever grateful for that. Cat gifs are […]

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