"Robin Hood" Cat Steals Crazy Amounts Of Neighbors Laundry

Meet Admiral Galacticat, the “Robin Hood” of laundry! Stealing from the people and bringing his loot to his owner. OK, maybe not exactly like Robin Hood but there is a sneaky, robbery-vibe to this hilarious story!  Posted and shared by Admiral Galacticat’s owner, Heather Bardi, Bardi announced on their neighborhood’s marketplace that she discovered numerous (and […]

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Naughty Cat Slippers Brings Live Duck Through Cat Flap

‘Our cat somehow managed to let a LIVE DUCK into our house’ 😂😂 — LADbible (@ladbible) April 1, 2020 Well, look what the cat dragged in… Sorry, we had to. Honestly, we were worried for a moment in the beginning there but it turns out the duck is completely fine so we were able […]

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Facebook Group Where People Pretend To Be Members Of An Ant Colony

This is a weird one.  Or oddly wholesome… we haven’t quite decided.  There is a private Facebook group where members (over 700k currently) pretend to be members of an ant colony and work together to help any ant problems that arise. Such as, a collapsing tunnel or finding food, the ants (members) come crawling into […]

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Milkshake, A Rare Pink Pug, Is One Of Less Than 100 In The World

Meet Milkshake! A rare pug who is completely pink with an irresistible squishy face and lovely baby blue eyes. Milkshake is 17-months-old and has already gained a lot of attention on social media! His Instagram account has a following of over 58k and continues to grow!  His unique coloring is caused by a lack of […]

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