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They Can Talk: Fresh Collection Of Funny Conversations Between Animals (Comics)

Do you know what they are really saying? “They can talk” is one of our favorite comic strips.  It basically tries to imagine what animal conversations would sound like if they could talk.  The creator behind the famous internet sensation, “They can talk”, is Jimmy Craig and he’s really good at expressing the inner thoughts […]

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Questions Cats Ask Their Humans Every Single Day (Comics)

It is quite amazing that cats can ask us so many questions during the day, without even saying one word.  And yes. They expect us to answer each and every one of them. The talented Tess & Lion from Last Lemon’s comics have, once again, managed to create a funny comic strip we can all […]

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Alien And Little Human Heartwarming Sci-Fi Comic

Introducing a creative and fascinating comic, ‘The Last Human,’ by the talented Zack. The premise for this interesting, yet oddly wholesome, comic is explained on WebToons, “She’s the galaxy’s worst nightmare: a Human. Fortunately, she’s the last one. Now her adoptive (alien) mother is realizing that raising a young Human is no easy task.” And […]

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Adorable Illustrations Give Solid Advice On Handling Life Right Now (Comics)

Meet “Ju” of Jubes Comics! A talented artist whose drawn up these handy-dandy comics on how to handle the real-life hardships were dealing with now, the global pandemic. Through her adorable illustrations, the comic offers some solid advice that everyone should take a glance at. The objective behind these illustrations? To keep us all well-informed […]

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Black Cats Drawn In Ink With Ethereal Thoughts (Comics)

We’re back with more work from the talented Luis Coelho! We shared his beautiful and unique pen drawings of black cats in the past, but his new work has since developed into an ethereal insight into cat’s minds, as well as, our own.  There’s something oddly calming this new style and way of telling a […]

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