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A Fine Collection Of Pure Animal Tweets (June Edition)

We truly think all these wholesome tweets are very important.  So important that we’ve decided to create a similar gallery every month now.  Scroll down for the first June edition.  Instant smiles are guaranteed.    1. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”703″/> 2. Untitled Apparently a rabid groundhog is terrorizing my family’s neighborhood and I can’t get […]

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Feel Good Tweets About Animals For a Great Weekend

These animals are so freaking extra, they’re an inspiration to us all.   They will definitely affect your weekend in the most positive way possible.  Trust us.  1. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”672″/> 2. ” title=”” width=”800″ height=”706″/> 3. Untitled My dog took a real nice after nap stretch and fell in the pool pic.twitter.com/rdknRLuxOx — […]

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