Rescued Circus Lions First Touch Of Grass (Video)

This is amazing! Thank you to those who rescued these gorgeous animals who have been living the past 8 years in tiny cages.  Now, they get to experience some tender, love, and care! In all forms, health and overall quality of life.  Just imagine, 8 years of living your life in a tiny cage and […]

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Elusive Bornean Bay Cat Is Creepy In Photos

The Bornean Bay Cat, one of the rarest wild cats in the world has evaded being captured on film until 2009.  Still, there aren’t many photos of the mysterious cat, and the photos that do circulate the web are… well… creepy.  Creepy might even be a bit of an understatement. We’ve shared some photos of […]

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Lovely Images Of Black Jaguar Playing With Her Spotted Baby

We’ve got a big love for big cats.  How could you not love those giant murder floofs? So incredibly majestic and powerful, dangerous and beautiful. I think everyone secretly wishes to befriend a wildcat… thanks for the unrealistic expectations, Jasmine!  It’s probably for the best though, these gorgeous creature deserve nothing but respect.  Pictured below […]

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Wildcat Cub Wanders Into Factory And Staff Can't Stop Gushing

Not that we can blame them! Did you see how cute that cub is!? If not, you need to re-watch it again. And again. And again.  This little lady of wildcat wandered into a factory one day and pretty much stole the heart of the entire factory staff! Just look at the way they look […]

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Hangry Lions And Tigers (Video)

Better look out! These lions and tigers are haanngry! For those of you that don’t know, ‘hangry’ is a combination of hunger + angry.  And it is very, very real.  Big Cat Rescue is an educational non-breeding, accredited, sanctuary for these magnificent murder floofs! In their bio, they describe their residents attitudes, “In many of […]

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