Papa Wolf And Puppy Comic Is Melting Hearts

OK, we know this comic is a little on the long side but trust us — it’s worth the read.  The artist, Weibo, has released the absolute sweetest papa wolf comic! The wolf, is the alpha dog, who happens to discover a small defenseless pup who wouldn’t survive on his own. So naturally, the wolf […]

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"Customer Service Wolf" Comic Is Relatable And Wholesome

Wholesome and relatable customer service comics. Except, if you were a wolf. Customer Service Wolf, a series on Tumblr, that follows a wolf who works as a bookseller. Just the regular daily struggles any of those working in customer service would relate to… but with animals instead of people.  Which is already immensely better than […]

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Probably The Cutest Wolf Comics On The Planet

Y’all ready for some major aww’s? Because these wolf comics will bring it of you. The artist @ tagawa_mi, from Tokyo, Japan, has adorably captured these characters with so much heart and emotion, it doesn’t even need any dialogue! Get ready to fall in love with some wolves!  You can also follow the artist on […]

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