Cat Siblings Fight Over One Bed, Until They Each Got One

This is so heckin’ cute and true to any sibling relationship!  Cat owner, Ryoko Komine, didn’t think her cats would care that much about a doll bed she bought from IKEA. Turns out, they did.  They would fight over who gets the bed every day, much like human siblings. So she did what any caring […]

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Cat Reacts To Treadmill (Video)

There’s just no denying it, cats are smart. We’ve seen a variety of different animals react to a treadmill but they always seem the quickest to pick up on how to use it.  Indy, the cat, is at first scared of the machinery (totally understandable) but quickly gets over his fear and soon enough — […]

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Rescued Fox Transformation (Video)

The power of love and some tender care.  Watch this adorable fox transform in just 30 days. Sadly, this baby fox had lost his mom, but he is doing well in some really nurturing hands.  Thank you Rescue Animals for helping this sweet little baby and giving him a shot at life!  Submitted by: (via […]

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How to Train Your Human (A Cat's Guide)

Every cat knows that once you choose your human, you need to train them as well!  It’s super important too to make sure that the human knows whatever you do or say goes. Those are the rules.  The cat (aka you) is the real owner.  Follow these 5 simple rules and your human will be […]

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From Indiana, Specialty Roaster Botz Coffee Beguiles with Roast Profiles

The robots may be coming for coffee, although behind every ‘bot there’s at least one even better human. This is certainly the case with Botz Coffee, whose crudely lovable robot…

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