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Beautiful And Blind Feral Cat Plays For The First Time

Meet the ever-handsome orange tabby named Thor!  Thor was born feral, and is completely blind. According to TinyKittens HQ, it’s a miracle he managed to live on his own, out in the streets, for the first year of his life.  Thankfully, Thor is now in some loving hands, and as TinyKittens HQ writes in their…

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Nala, The Adventure Bike-Riding Cat, Gets A New Basket (Video)

Meet adventure cat, Nala, and her loving human, Dean! Deanfirst came across Nala on the side of the road while biking his way through Bosnia. Nala began to chase after Dean, and Dean obviously wasn’t going to bring her along — he was biking across the world, for goodness sake! But Nala wouldn’t take no…

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Bored Cat Symptoms To Watch Out For

“How do you know if your cat is bored?” From a feline ethological point of view, AnimalWised dives into this question. Starting with explaining symptoms of a bored cat so help their humans recognize it early and change up their routine. Symptoms like, does your cat ignore you? Do they jump on your feet? Do…

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Young Bobcat Is Taken To The Vet (Video)

Philmo, the young rescued bobcat has been taken into the vet for a surprise visit. Philmo was developing mats on his hind end, and it’s unncommon for a bobcat as young as himself to do so.  Big Cat Rescue decided to look into the matter quickly, taking Philmo to the vet where they discovered he…

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One Cuddly Kitten Pile Coming Right Up (Video)

Sometimes, the day just calls for a simple video of a bunch of aww-dorable cuddly kittens all piled up on one another.   So sit back, grab a fluffy blanket and maybe some hot cocoa — and let the “aww’s” commence!  And we’d like to leave you with a quote from the one and only…

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