Zoo Welcomes Birth Of Endangered Of Two Red Panda Cubs

Congratulations to Erie Zoo, Pennsylvania, for welcoming the birth of two critically endangered red panda cubs! 

On August 6th, 2020,  Erie Zoo announced that their two adult pandas, Pumori and Delilah, have welcomed their first litter! One male cub and one female cub had been born. Currently in the care of animal specialists after staff members noticed the cubs were “failing to gain weight naturally.” 

In the video, we see the zoo’s veterinarian P.J. Polumbo nursing the four-week-old cubs. 

“They are doing extremely well,” the spokesperson said during the cubs’ unveiling on Facebook. “They did just open their eyes within the last week.”

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Tiny Orange Kitten Cures The Blues (Video)

Depression: exists

Kitten: cute mode on

We know that there is no “real” cure for the blues or depression, but cats do a pretty good job of letting happiness creep in. It’s difficult not to smile and feel warm inside when you see, pet, play, or even nap with a cat. 

And a kitten? That’s just cuteness amplified to an insane degree. 

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Kittens And A Baby Chick (Video)

These adorable baby British shorthairs are introduced to a baby chick! Safe to say, this may be one of the cutest videos featuring the cutest actors. 

There you have it. The ultimate cute to complete your day. 

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Two Cats Having A Full Conversation (Video)

A classic and one of our all-time favorite cat videos of all time. 

53 seconds of two lovely kitties, Stina and Mossy, are having a full conversation with one another. What’s a better 23 seconds spent than that? Nothing. The answer is nothing. 

So… what do you think they’re saying?

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Cute Ducks Frolicking In The Rain (Video)

Oh, to be a call duck frolicking in the rain.

Sounds like such a pleasant way to spend the day, doesn’t it? 

This Japanese family has a few adorable pet call ducks

  1. Butchy, a boy and 5-years-old, has a unique marking on the left side of his face that looks like an eyebrow.
  2. Moko, a girl, and 3-years-old, Moko is a white duck.
  3. Piko, another girl and 1-years-old, Piko is also a white duck.

Now that we know who is who, we can enjoy watching each frolic in the rain. Follow these adorable frolickers on Instagram

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