Foster Kittens Meet Animals At The San Antonio Zoo

During the past few months, we’ve seen a variety of animals wandering about an aquarium and learning about the creatures of the sea! Now, it’s time for the land version — a Zoo! And two little kittens were able to come face to face with their much larger cat family. It wasn’t just tiny kittens […]

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Zoo In Japan Creates An Adorable Growth Diary For a New Sand Cat Kitten

Nasu Animal Kingdom zoo in Japan recently welcomed a new member to their family: an adorable female kitten sand cat. The cat, still to be named, was born in late April and has been growing strong under the care of zookeepers. Upon birth, she weighed in at 59 grams and measured 13 cm from head […]

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Summer Cool Down: Animals Enjoying Popsicles

Have you been outside recently? It is unbearable hot out!  We need to cool down and ASAP. And what better way to cool down than to enjoy a refreshing cold popsicle?  We’ll do you one better — animals enjoying a refreshing cold popsicle! We hope everyone is taking good care of themselves and their pets! […]

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Animal Care Workers Show How They Manage To Weigh Different Animals

Measuring an animal’s weight is crucial to make sure she is healthy and developing normally.  But it’s not always an easy mission for the professional caregivers.  Sometimes you even have to trick them or find creative ways to make sure they’re standing still.  Here are some creative ways to weigh different kinds of animals. 1. […]

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Zookeepers Stories On How Animals React When There Aren't Any Zoo Visitors

The zoo is usually a very lively place, filled with animal sounds along with kids laughs.  But due to the current worldwide pandemic, many zoos around the world have closed their gates to outside visitors, leaving only the staff to take care of the animals.  Many people are naturally wondering what happens to these animals […]

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