Laws of Attraction Part XIV


Every action in nature has an opposite and equal reaction. Every move that we make stimulates a consequence; it is up to us to determine what the price of that consequence will be. Not all consequences are bad. The flowers grow as a consequence of the rain coming down and the sun coming out. That is not a negative consequence. On the other hand, some consequences come at a very high price. Those consequences carry many negative effects.

The same is true regarding the laws of attraction. If you follow the laws they will help you to find gratification (perhaps even happiness) beyond your wildest dreams; however, there is a price to pay for breaking them, and it is not a price that many are willing to pay. This is not as simple as a weekend spent in jail or picking up litter from the side of the road; the consequences for breaking the rules of attraction will follow you throughout the course of your life. Listed below you will find the negative consequences associated with breaking the laws of attraction.

– You grow old, fat and bald alone

– You will have a gang of Hell’s Angels chasing you across the countryside

– You will find yourself married and raising a family in Backwater, Kansas following a shotgun wedding

– You will be out of a job and a reference (particularly if you decided to break in the boss’s desk)

– You will find yourself tossed in the brig prior to your court martial

– You will have an irate husband (or wife) stalking you

– You will find yourself king or queen of a small country in the middle of the South Pacific-with no other inhabitants
(think Pirates of the Caribbean)

– You will be humiliated with tales of your own escapades every time you mistakenly choose to spend a weekend with family and friends

– You will no longer be invited to spend Friday nights at Happy Hour

– You will no longer be invited to any of the office parties

– You may end up sleeping in a barn rather than in the warmth of the house-and your own bed

– You will never again be able to walk into your favorite restaurant with your head erect

– You will never be able to look any of your friends in the eye again

– You will not be able to remain friends with your old friends-it would just be too weird

– There will be strange men and women calling your home at all hours

– There will be strange packages left on your stoop-daily

– You may find yourself on the business end of a boot-or a 9mm

These are only a small portion of the consequences which may be extracted for daring to violate the laws of attraction. Okay, so chances are that if you happen to take a misstep or two along the way you will not find yourself in any of these extraordinarily unpleasant situations; however, the possibility does exist. It is essential that you carefully weigh the possibilities before entering the ring.



Good Luck

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