Tumblr Thread Points Some Interesting Facts About The Weird Look Of Toucans

Toucans are known for their oversized, colorful beaks that seem non-proportional to their body’s size. This guy on Tumblr started a viral thread filled with some interesting facts about this weird looking bird. By talking about the bird’s skeletal anatomy and the way it sleeps, people started to realize that these birds are indeed weirder […]

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Cat Medley: Funnies, Cuteness Galore, Mourning And Loss

We searched through the most upvoted cat pictures on the subreddit r/cats, this week, and we decided to share them all with you! The pictures all have one thing in common, and that is, of course, cats. However, that’s where the similarities end.  There are images of hilarious cats being hilarious, adorable-ness (naturally), and mourning and […]

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Wildlife Is Beautiful: Fifteen Great Moments Captured On Camera

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”, Albert Einstein.  That’s the motto of this twitter page, Life On Earth, which uploads daily videos showing the beauty of nature. We have gathered some great wildlife moments from all around the world.        Submitted by: Tagged: nature , wildlife , animal […]

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Fascinating Historic Photos Of Cats Serving In The US Sea Services

According to Wikipedia, cats on board of sea service ships were a common feature on many trading, exploration, and naval ships, and dates back to ancient times. Cats have been carried on ships for many reasons, the most important being to catch mice and rats. These rodents aboard a ship could cause damage to ropes, […]

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People Are Going Out For Walks With Their Pet Chickens In Special Strollers

As chickens are becoming increasingly popular as pets, It goes without saying that they deserve the same treatment other pets get from their humans – proper food, some cuddles and a comfortable environment to live in. But what they also need is a healthy engagement with the outside world. A chicken harness is indeed great, […]

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