The Mischievously Funny Tales Of Mister Pushkin, The Cheeky Cat

Meet Mister Pushkin, the cat who’s always right, except for when he’s wrong. 

Living with his owner, Klem, Pushkin the cat is obsessed with smoked salmon and skimmed milk and adores a good sunrise. 

The cheeky and mischievous cat has a heart of gold and a wisdom way beyond his years.

The comical adventures of Mr. Pushkin and his owner are now chronicled in a series of 12 charming books by author AC Michael, showcasing their daily life problems as well as his battles with ferocious dogs, pesky spiders, a cat-hating neighbor, a persistent cat thief, and a less-than-charming cat show judge.

Once you’ve stepped into the quirky world of Mister Pushkin, you’ll never want to leave.

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Text - Contents Tale 1 Mister Pushkin's 1. Mister Pushkin Shadow O Doubt 2. Miter Pushkin's Tuwei Veion 3 Mister Pushkin Saves The Day 4. Moter Pushin Sees The Light 5. Muter Pushkin Dropn A Hins 6. Mister Pun & The Copvcat 1. Mister Pushkin Known Sest 8. Mister Pushn Loes AL S. Mter Pushion 4 The Fiving kouse 10. Mister Puson Seen A Goet P23 Shadow Of Doubt P33 Onn nas daund nr bs wtat dek ka R43 cher instiun ny well mug dstaury sud ue bend Graned m ncien tpnran Atejata colate of JapNs INts and


Text - The cat who's always right (except for when he's wrong!) Mischievously funny stories by AC Michael 12 Summery Tales One cat, One person. Many problems. Mister Pushkin always knows what's good for Klem. But Klem only thinks he knows what's good for Mister Pushkin... ilistar Sees The Light




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