Laws of Attraction Part VI

When Opposites Attract

When working with magnets you will quickly learn that polar opposites attract. This means that the negatively charged pole will be attracted to the positively charged pole and the two will connect together with very little user effort. The same rule applies in chemistry. Negatively charged particles will be attracted to positively charged particles. Why? Because the negatively charged particles have something that the positively charged particles want.

The same is true of people. Sometimes people who are very similar join together and live a happy existence; they enjoy the same music, have the same values and do the same activities on Friday nights. They have the same group of friends and attend the same church every Sunday morning.

Sometimes this is not the case and two people who are polar opposites are drawn together. Usually this is because one or the other of them has something that the other wants. A person who is generally very cynical and pessimistic may be drawn to someone with a sense of eternal optimism. An individual who has spent their whole life following the rules dictated by society for proper behavior may be drawn to a free spirit who is content to live their life the way that they see fit, regardless of the opinions of others.

Such matches at times may prove to be volatile, resulting in an explosion and the secondary damages that go along with it. Other times they may balance each other, as in the case of the positively and negatively charged electrons; the particles are neutralized when they are mixed together. These matches have long since stumped psychologists and others looking at these relationships from a purely subjective viewpoint. How can two people who have nothing in common form a strong, successful relationship? What they do not realize is that it is simply yet another example of nature’s own selection principles at work.

Forming a relationship with someone who is your polar opposite is not always going to be easy, regardless of how well you complement each other. You are going to have different viewpoints on different issues and different lifestyles to boot. The most important factors in these types of relationships are patience and understanding. Remember that you knew they were very different from you when you chose to embark on this relationship; you cannot expect them to change now.

Before you choose to permanently commit to someone who is your opposite there are a few questions you are going to need to answer. What are their differences in the things that matter? (home, children, etc.) Can you be happy with these differences? If the answer to the second question is no it would be wise to take a step back from the relationship before committing to something that you cannot step back from. If, on the other hand, the answer is yes prepare to enjoy a lifetime that, while it will never be smooth, will certainly never be boring.

Good Luck

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